Oxygen Absorber Sachets (choice of 5 sizes)


Bag of sachets of O-Buster Air dryer pellets. Prevents moisture from forming. A necessity for long term food storage, used to remove oxygen and create a vacuum seal in polyethylene or polyester packaging. Prohibits bacteria growth, mould and mildew. Environmentally friendly and easy to use.

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Oxygen Absorber Sachets (5 sizes)

Sachets of Oxgen Absorbers. Like Silica Gel, they prevent moisture from forming.

A necessity for long term food storage
Use to remove oxygen and create a vacuum seal in polyethylene, or polyester packaging
Prohibits bacteria growth, mould and mildew. Environmentally friendly and easy to use
FDA approved.


How to use:
For flexible packaging use the following steps:
• To determine the residual air volume, start by immersing the complete package in water to find out the total volume.
• Use the increased water volume as starting point and subtract the weight of your product, leaving the effective air volume as result.
Multiply this air volume with 20% (we assume 20% oxygen in air) with the result being the volume of oxygen to be absorbed.

What Size: A general rule of thumb is to use 300 – 500cc of oxygen absorber per 4.5L (4.5Kg) of food you are storing. More or less 1:10.

If you use a rigid container, please measure as follows:
• Measure the volume of the packaging (height x length x width) using centimetres as unit
• Subtract the weight of your product (in grams) from the volume calculated in A.
• The result will be the residual air volume in your container.
Multiply the residual air volume with 20%.
•Again, the result is the number size of O’BUSTER sachet you have to use.

Packs available in 5 sizes: 30cc x 250, 50cc x 200, 100cc x 100, 500cc x 40, or 1000cc x 20

More on Oxygen Absorbers:
Oxygen absorbers remove unwanted oxygen and help increase the shelf life of foods. They are great for long term storage of dehydrated foods.

Oxygen absorbers are safe and easy to use with food products such as dried meats, dried fruits and veggies, baked goods, dried spices, bulk foods and all your dried other foodstuffs.

What do oxygen absorbers do?
Lower oxygen levels to less than 0.01%
Maintain product freshness
Extend product shelf life
FDA GRAS rated: safe for use with food and food related products
Prevent mold, mildew and bacteria from forming

Important Note:
Once you open a pack you must re-seal the pack again, or store the remaining unused absorbers in an air tight container. If you do not they will start to absorb the oxygen from the air and will not be usable later

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30g x 250, 50g x 200, 100g x 100, 500g x 40, 1000g x 20