Welcome to The Survivalist. We supply a range of emergency survival kits, bug out bags, get home bags, long life foods, rations, freeze dried foods, instant camping meals (MREs), dehydrated meals, vegetarian meals, quick cook meals, survival tools, knives, first aid kits, emergency trauma packs, medical sundries, water filters, ration packs, protective clothing, protective equipment, and more for surviving emergency situations, extreme adventures and camping.

Our products are especially suited to adventurers, campers, caravanners, hikers, backpackers, hunters, preppers, bush rangers, off-road bikers and anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures.

As per The Merriam-Webster dictionary the full definition of a survivalist is : “a person who advocates or practices survivalism; especially : one who has prepared to survive in the anarchy of an anticipated breakdown of society”. This also applies to any extreme outdoors sportsperson who may experience extreme conditions. Even our favourite pastimes of camping and caravanning are a form of survivalism.

A complete “all in one” survival kit is a pack consisting of basic tools, medical and food supplies prepared in advance, as an aid to survival in emergency conditions. We stock all the individual items you will need to pack up your own survival kit.

Nowadays, no matter which country and irrespective of race or religion, people are feeling more threatened. All around the world violence is increasing. Rioting, looting, strike protests, terrorism and intolerance have made it more difficult to survive. It is not a big step from these conditions to total anarchy! Natural disasters, such as wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes etc, are also occurring more frequently. These are becoming more severe and more often. Now there are multiple wars and uprisings flaring up. Are you preparing?

Both people living in cities and in the rural countryside feel wary and at any time things could boil over and threaten our safety.

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In South Africa we have had many blackouts and the power grid could collapse at any time. We have also suffered the effects of loadshedding and we are still faced with a shortage of fresh water. Riots, protests and strikes often turn violent and can threaten our safety in a matter of moments.

Although, due largely to our warm climate, many of us are avid campers, hikers, cyclists, caravanners, fishermen, hunters and we all love the outdoors, how long can you actually survive out there, without all the mod-cons? Ideally you can only take the basic essentials and any extra weight in your pack is a huge disadvantage.

Imagine if at short notice the shirt were to hit the fan, and you only had a few minutes to evacuate your house and rush to safety, where would you go? What would you take with you? How long will it take to pack a few essentials? We are not talking about using  a caravan or a weekend hamper of picnic utensils, we are talking about a minimum few essentials, but sufficient to sustain your family for a few days, or the basic essentials while on a gruelling adventure.

Imagine for a minute that all the things we have come to rely on are taken away. No petrol available, shops closed (or empty) no money in the ATMs, no electricity, no water from the taps, main roads closed or jammed up with traffic, bomb threats, chaos everywhere. Are you ready? Even if you barricade yourselves in your home, are you prepared? How long will it last? We saw what can happen with the recent violence and looting and the resultant shortages. Are you preparing for the next time?

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What about a natural disaster that may even force you out of your  home, like floods, a tornado, a wildfire or an earthquake? Assuming you are able to pile into a car and head for the hills, what about shelter, warmth, fire, food, first aid, drinking water, nutrition etc? Then of course you will still need cash, ID book, driver’s licence, medicines and more. What will you be able to take with you? Have you a plan?

The Americans are very aware of an “impending doomsday” and there are many groups who have plans for various emergencies such as tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, terrorism and so on. They also fear an economic disaster and an EMF attack. The British, Australians, New Zealanders and a couple of European countries are also pretty aware of what could happen and a lot of them have prepared for this.

Typically us South Africans are a pretty apathetic bunch and either think it won’t happen to us, or we think we are tough and can handle it. When the shirt hits the fan, we will be caught short unless we all have plans, systems and essentials in place. Are you preparing?

Apart from the preppers and those afraid of what the future may hold, any extreme sportsperson, adventurer, backpacker, camper or adrenalin junkie will find something useful in our webstore.

That is why we have started this business. The Survivalist has arranged with some of the top wholesalers to make certain approved essential items available to you for purchase, such as survival packs, food packs, water filters, emergency kits, and various tools. You can now shop for all your survival needs in one convenient store.

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The items on this website are not necessarily only for disasters – there are some very handy “all in one” packs that can be used for camping, hiking, mountaineering, cycling and any other adventure sport. The instant camping meals (MREs) are great for last minute visitors, or to take camping. We have single meals, and 24 hour ration packs available.

Any gruelling outdoor activity such as a canoe marathon, long distance cycle ride, backpacking, mountaineering etc. also requires the person to take along enough food, bedding and tools to sustain them for the length of the adventure. It is critical to ensure the pack they take is as compact and lightweight as possible. Just grab a compact, pre-packed, lightweight bag and rest assured that you have everything that you may need.

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We are local suppliers of top of the range survival products available in South Africa. Our website is fully compatible with most mobile devices. We have one of the largest collections of survival products in South Africa and we sell many survival tools, emergency packs, ration packs, camping foods, freeze dried long term foods, MREs, dehydrated foods, first aid kits, survival courses and other survival products. We can supply and deliver products to the whole of South Africa.

If you have a query, drop us an enquiry on our contact form and we will get back to you.


Are you preparing? Don’t let fear and unpreparedness hold you back. Read our blog items and Facebook feeds, buy some essential goods and ensure that you are well prepared for any emergency situation.

Take a look at our products and start preparing today!

If you have prepared well for a disaster, you would have been well equipped to contend with the State Of Emergency and the enforced Lockdown. During the Covid-19 period, we were trying to hold stocks of protective clothing, masks, sanitisers gloves and other sundries to help protect against the dreaded Covid-19. People were panic buying, so stocks didn’t last long and each new shipment seemed to cost more than the last one. We  created a new “CoronaVirus Protection” category to make it easier to find these items. We have been warned to expect further outbreaks and pandemics in the future.


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