Stock Up On Emergency Supplies Before Its Too Late

Stock Up On Emergency Supplies Before Its Too Late

There’s no such thing as being too prepared, but have you prepared at all?

We sell imported survival products from the Wise Company in the USA, which specializes in providing emergency dehydrated or freeze-dried foods, but also offers other basic emergency supplies and survival kits.



The United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention notes that during an emergency event, or natural disaster, basic utilities such as water or power may be unavailable, which is why they suggest stocking at least three days of food and water, along with other basic emergency and medical supplies.

Other emergencies can include natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and severe snowstorms. There could be a total economic collapse making money and purchases impossible. Acts of terrorism, war or violent protests are other possibilities when petrol and shops may be unavailable. Shops could be cleaned out by looters and you will be left with only what you have in your pantry. Refrigerated foods and fresh foods will not last, so what long term foods do you have? Stock up now with long life foods, petrol, water, first aid and anything else you think you will need.



The range of Wise Company survival products offers all of the emergency supplies you and your loved ones could ever need, including water filters, first aid supplies, tools, fold-up stoves, tools, herbal garden seeds and a huge range of long term foods.

Wise Foods meals include soups, breakfast cereals, entree meals, puddings, snacks, veggies, fruits, sauces, eggs, and milk. All their products are classified as Emergency Survival Kits, Food Supply Kits, Grab and Go Food Kits, Outdoor Food Kits, Emergency Supplies, Camping Meals or Gluten Free Meals.

We understand that it’s vital to store a mix of food items, water and other supplies, but in severe cases of an emergencies, you won’t have much time to pack, which is why we offer complete all-in-one emergency survival kits.

From basic medical supplies to food and essential tools, our emergency kits feature everything needed to survive an extensive natural disaster. Don’t be caught unprepared — purchase an emergency kit today.

With our affordable survival kits and emergency survival supplies, you’ll have everything you could possibly need to be fully prepared in case of an emergency event or natural disaster.


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Wise even caters for Gluten Free meals. Eating properly is important and, thanks to Wise Food, it’s possible to eat a healthy and varied diet, even during a natural disaster, or an emergency event.

Besides offering a wide array of freeze-dried and dehydrated meats, fruits, and veggies, Wise Food also offers a line of gluten-free entrees and drinks,

The instant meals are ideal for long-term emergency food storage, or they can even be utilized for normal, daily usage, such as a long car trip, or a quick family camping trip.



All of our freeze-dried and dehydrated items are stored in special pouches that are designed to extend an item’s overall shelf life. Furthermore, many of the entree meals are packed away within both a pouch and an ultra-durable bucket. These buckets are also designed to be easily stackable. In fact, when the entrees or food items are stored properly, they can often last for well over 20 years.

When it comes to gluten free foods, we carry a number of options, including freeze-dried vegetables, freeze-dried meats, and even freeze-dried fruits. These food items can be combined with other entrees easily and preparation is a real breeze — simply add water to the meal and it’s ready to be consumed.



In addition, Wise Food offers a package of 120 servings of long-term whey milk. Besides meats and veggies, Wise Food carries a unique, gluten-free, 84-serving entrée and breakfast package that can provide a single individual with three servings of gluten-free food a day.

The package includes meals such as loaded baked potato casserole, tomato basil soup, potato and chicken-flavoured potpie, teriyaki and rice, and more.

Much like the other Wise emergency food storage packages, this particular one can last for up to 25 years when stored properly.



Being prepared for the unexpected is extremely important. As long as you do your part to plan in advance, you don’t have to compromise your dietary needs, even during an emergency event or natural disaster. Start preparing today!

What about dairy products? It might sound like an impossible feat to eat a healthy, varied diet during a natural disaster. However, thanks to Wise Food Storage’s emergency food kits, it’s possible for a person to eat a balanced diet, featuring veggies, fruits and dairy products, during an emergency event.

Wise Food Storage specializes in emergency food items, meals and snacks that are perfect for emergency kits, road kits or hiking and camping.

By freeze-drying or dehydrating these meals, the nutrients can effectively be sealed in, which means that when you finally prepare your food item, they should still taste fresh and flavourful.



While many might assume that it’s difficult to store dairy items like milk and eggs over a long period of time, Wise Food Storage offers a line of powdered eggs and long-term milk that can safely be stored for decades.

The long-term whey milk is packed in both tough pouches and buckets, and the milk can be prepared quickly, simply by adding water. Heating the water isn’t required.

Wise Food Storage also carry powdered eggs, which are perfect for breakfast, or as a protein substitute. The powdered eggs feature minimal additives and they’re absolutely perfect for emergency situations. They’re packed with protein and nutrients, they can be made ready simply by adding water or milk, and they can also last for up to 25 years!



Thanks to Wise Food Storage, it’s possible to eat a diverse diet, one that includes veggies, fruit, milk and eggs, during nearly any natural disaster.

Being prepared for emergencies, especially as a homeowner, is crucial. While it might sound daunting to have to build an emergency kit for your family, by simply storing away a few days’ worth of food and water, you can ensure that your loved ones will have their basic needs met in the event of an emergency situation.