Stungun Type 801 black


A very powerful but compact stungun.

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Stungun Type 801 black

This tool will provide a powerful shock to any attacker that will disorientate and demotivate while still small enough to be carried every day. The gun comes with a provided carry case that can be attached to a belt or just to keep the gun from misfiring while inside a purse. Has a rubberised coating

A flashlight is also built into the tool to double the functionality of the tool and allow the user to properly identify any attacker.

The device is built in with a rechargeable battery and is shipped with the required charging cable.

Source voltage 4.8 V
Charging Time: 5 hours
Output pulse voltage: 2500 Kv
Current consumption: <1.9 A
Size: 98 mm x 36 mm x 22 mm
Weight: 91g
As with all gear, know the law and how to use it.

NOTE: Stun weapons are contact weapons meaning that you have to make contact/touch the assailant, such as with knives or batons. The effectiveness of the Stun Device depends on many factors such as the clothing that the assailant is wearing and the charge level of the device, and the duration that the stun is applied.

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