Mega 1080 Meal Mega Adventure Combo Pack


For extended outdoor adventures, or when life throws you unexpected adventures, this Mega 1080 Day Survival Combo Meal Pack is ideal. Good for bug out situations.

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Mega 1080 Meal Mega Adventure Combo Pack

For extended outdoor adventures, or when life throws you unexpected adventures, this Mega 1080 Meal Mega Survival Combo Pack is ideal. Good for bug out situations.

For the ultimate SURVIVALIST. This comprehensive all-in-one 1080-Meal Mega Pack, spanning 10 delicious varieties, is the perfect peace of mind solution for any serious extended outdoor, life adventure, or emergency and is a must for anyone looking at self-sufficiency and having at least 1080 Main Meals on hand at all times.

An Essential Source of Quality nutrition whatever the challenge or emergency.

Each of the 1080-Main Meals included, each 300g, (rehydrated weight) and includes (where applicable) a side dish (conveniently pre-mixed).

All meals are freeze-dried, are shelf stable for 12 months, do not require refrigeration and are pre-cooked.

Please Note: This product is not held in stock. It is made to order. Current manufacturing time, from date of order, is approx. 8-12 weeks.

1) Tear bag open. Remove oxygen absorber
2) Add water as indicated on the bag. Stir carefully.
3) Seal the bag. Wait the indicated time to re-hydrate.
4) Open bag, stir and enjoy. Heat if you so desire.

1080 Large Value Packs

Total: (Net Weight: 84.46 kg | Equal to 324 kg Food | 1080 Servings | 1,550,232 kJ)

Contents: (70% Meat-Based | 30% Veggie-Based)

108 x Indian Butter Chicken & Rice
108 x Classic Chicken a la King with Rice
108 x Chicken Stir Fry with Asian Noodles
108 x Italian Beef Lasagne
108 x Classic Beef Stew with Rice
108 x Slow-cooked Beef Stroganoff with Mash
108 x Lekker Boerewors Potjie with Mash
108 x Vegetable Korma with Couscous
108 x Roasted Aubergine & Coconut Curry with Rice
108 x Lentil & Chickpea Dahl with Rice

180 Main Meals
Essential Value Packs
Premium Ingredients
Pre-Cooked Meals
Long Shelf-Life
No Refrigeration Required
100% Free-Range Meat
High in Calories and Protein
Ultra Light
Always Ready

Freeze dried products are shelf-stable at room temperature, requiring no refrigeration and (under typical storage conditions) are capable of retaining up to 98% of fresh-equivalent nutritional value for up to 25 years.

Freeze dried meals are known to be good for up to 25 years. This is very much dependent on 3 things (protection against moisture, oxygen and light – in that order). To achieve the best shelf life (bearing in mind that freeze dried foods are shelf stable at room temperature and thus don’t need refrigeration), we use a combination of high barrier pouches as well as inserting an Oxygen Absorber into each meal. The combination of these two elements supports the long shelf life, however as we have not been in business for 25 years, we are not able to claim this (at this stage in any event). To this effect, we are currently permitted to label our products with 3 YEARS and will be updating future expiry dates as time literally moves on.

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