National Geographic Lensatic Compass


The National Geographic Lensatic compass is compact, accurate, rugged and simple.

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National Geographic Lensatic Compass

The National Geographic Lensactic compass is compact, accurate, rugged and simple.

360° Scale and Mills
Sight wire and Aiming Slot with Magnifier
Rotatable Bezel
Scale bar and centimeter ruler
Belt pouch Included
Dimensions: 60 x 50 x 40 mm
Weight: 86g

Foldaway snap hook handle to attach to gear.

Clam shell design protects the lens and sight. Folds up to fit into a pocket or pouch.

Sight wire and aiming slot with magnifying glass so as to be able to easily read the bearings on the compass face.

Easy to use to take accurate bearing over long distances.

Instructions include:

Use of Compass.
How to orientate your map
Determining on a map using triangulation
Hiking off trail – Rough terrain
Determining distance to destination

2 Year Warranty from date of purchase.

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