Grated Cheese (5 Portions) Gluten Free


Just add freeze-dried grated cheese to your outdoor meal for extra flavour and energy.

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Grated Cheese (5 Portions) Gluten Free

Just add freeze-dried grated cheese to your outdoor meal for extra flavour and energy.


Freeze-dried mild cheese 100%[milk, salt, rennet, cultures, anticaking agent (460), preservative (200))

Allergens – Contains milk

Manufactured in premises that process gluten, dairy, egg, soy, fish, tree nuts, sesame and sulphite products. An allergen management programme is implemented to store allergen products separately and ensure thorough cleaning between product lines.

No added MSG (mono sodium glutamate E621), but glutamate products may be present from other processed ingredients.
Nutritional Information – 2 serve
Grated Cheese

Serves per pack 10
Net Weight: 160g
Preparation Sprinkle over meal
Serving size: 16g

Nutrition Information
Per serve Per 100g % Rec Daily intake
Energy                                        233Kj       1460Kj             5%
55Cal       348Cal
Protein                                          4.4g            27.5g            12%
Fat -total                                      4.3g             26.8g            13%
-saturated                                    2.7g              17.0g            21%
Carbohydrate -total                   0.0g               0.0g             0%
-sugars                                          0.0g              0.0g             0%
Dietary Fibre                               0.0g              0.0g              0%
Sodium                                     149mg           933mg             7%
Potassium                                  18mg           22.9mg            1%
Calcium                                     178mg         221.9mg         22%
Iron                                                0mg             0.1mg            1%
Zinc                                                 1mg                1mg            7%
Vitamin C                                      0mg             0.1mg           0%
Thiamin                                         0mg                0mg           2%


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