24 Hour Tactical Ration Pack (menu 1 3200 Cal)


These packs are designed to provide sustenance for a 24 hour period. A pack contains main meals, snacks and beverages. There are 5 menus to choose from (listed as separate products).

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24 Hour Tactical Ration Pack (menu 1 3200 Cal)

These packs are designed to provide sustenance for a 24 hour period. A pack contains main meals, snacks and beverages.

There are 5 menus to choose from (listed as separate products).

The Meal-Ready-to-Eat, commonly known as the MRE
is a self-contained, individual field ration in lightweight packaging originally bought by the military for it’s service members for use in combat or other field conditions where organised food facilities were not available.

Home Style Taste
MREs are prepared to provide a home style cooked meal without any preservatives.

Nutritional Content
Each Pack is prepared to sustain an active individual for a 24 hour period.

Long Shelf Life Products
MREs normally have a shelf life of 2 to 5 years, or longer, dependent on storage conditions.

No Freezing Or Refrigeration
These MRE products are shelf stable at ambient temperatures.

MRE Users
MREs are sold primarily to the military, but over time significant markets have developed for individuals and companies purchasing the items for personal use, operations, disaster relief and everyday convenience.

Military operations are the foundation of the MREs with the packs being favoured by operations around the world. Given the menu development for African and Middle Eastern operations end users should be used to the type of food and the preparation style, a criticism of the current packs sourced from America. There has been no compromise on the packing specifications and shelf life

Outdoors MRE
The uses in the outdoor market are numerous. From the day fishing trip. or the weekend away, to the strenuous mountain climb the MRE is an ideal accompaniment for the outdoor enthusiast. The flameless ration heater FRH) is ideal for those situations where lighting a fire is impossible and the 20g of the heater compared to carrying gas is a welcome pack lightener.

The 24 hour pack provides both ongoing sustenance and the range of menu options will ensure that meal fatigue will not occur. The snacks and beverages will provide that energy boost when needed during the day. The packaging is ideal for fitting into hiking packs, fishing bags, or mountaineering rucksacks.

Disaster MREs
The MRE is an ideal enabler for disaster relief. In areas of floods and natural disasters where it is not possible to erect kitchens, or to cook, the mre meals are easily opened, heated and consumed. The flexibility in meal choice and their long shelf life allows for inexpensive meals to be stored by disaster relief agencies for extended periods of time and in the event of a disaster the meals can be quickly deployed.
An MRE is also an ideal product for everyday use for the situations where you don’t feel like cooking, or would like the option of carrying food to remote locations and preparation is difficult. It is a convenient “Just in case meal” that has so many uses and opportunities. It would be an ideal partner on your sailboat, ski boat or 4×4 SUV.

This 24 Hour Ration Pack contains a total of 3200 Calories.

24HR – MRE – 3200cal – Menu 1
Food Type Food Item per serving (grams) Quantity kcal
Breakfast Sorghum Original 80 1 295
Breakfast Isotonic Drink (Orange) 50 1 194
Lunch Chicken Casserole with Rice 400 1 445
Lunch Isotonic Drink (Mango) 50 1 194
Dinner Peppersteak Pasta 400 1 439
Dinner Chocolate Drink 25 1 93
Beverages Coffee 2 2 12
Beverages Rooibos Tea/Black Tea 3 2 0
Snacks Raisins 60 1 203
Snacks Chocolate Energy Bar 45 1 171
Snacks Nut Butter 40 1 237
Snacks Wholewheat Crackers 50 1 214
Snacks Fruity Oat Biscuits 100 1 439
Extras Salt Sachet 1 2 <1
Extras Pepper 0.5 2 3
Extras Sugar 10 4 163
Extras Creamer 8 4 166
Extras Super C Sweets 3 8 96
Extras Gum 2 5 10
Extras Water Purification Tablet 4
Extras Heating Kit 40 1
Extras Spork 1
Extras Clear Plastic 8 X 30 cm 4
Extras Tissue 1
Extras Wet Wipes 2

Total grams: 789.5
Total Calories: 3374

Note: This pack includes a Heating Kit: 6 fuel tablets, 1 matches

Certificate of Acceptability Food Premises
FSSC 22000 V5
Certification Partner Global
Islamic Council of South Africa
Health Certification
NRCS Certificate of Compliance

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