Knives, Axes & Tools

Blades are one of the most important items in any camp, whether planned or a case of survival. A good quality knife is a must for building a shelter, hunting, preparing a meal, cutting ropes, first aid and many other things like protection.

There are many other blades which have specific uses and are also very important, such as axes. Then there are multitools which offer many uses for many situations. The number of tools you have (depending on the type of camp and the total weight) will either make life easier or almost kill you.

The Survivalist provides outdoor enthusiasts with a range of knives, axes and other tools to enable any person in the bush to survive.

Ideal for campers, caravaners, backpackers, hikers, riders, climbers, canoeists, trailblazers, preppers and any other outdoors adventurer and of course any person who finds himself (or herself) in a survival situation.

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