Fire, Cooking & Utensils

In any campsite, fire is an essential. Whether you want to keep warm, cook food, boil water or sterilise a tool, you must have fire. It is easy to use a cigarette lighter or a box of matches, but what will you do without them? Imagine they get lost or get wet, can you start a fire?

Sometimes a stove is necessary, but the smallest, lightest unit is best. We have one a little bigger than a cigarette box.

Another thing is cooking pots, pans and plates. You need several items in your camp kitchen.

The Survivalist provides outdoor enthusiasts with a range of fire starting and cooking products to enable any person in the bush to survive.

Ideal for campers, caravaners, backpackers, hikers, riders, climbers, canoeists, trailblazers and any other outdoors adventurer and of course any person who finds himself (or herself) in a survival situation.

Please see our range of ready to eat meals and the special flameless heating devices too.

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