Corona Virus Protection

Face masks, sanitisers, gloves, and protective wear. With the Corona Virus scare, everyone is buying these items. Prices are high on some items, because the products are scarce.

We have listed all the relevant items here in one place to make it easier for you. Maybe you need to nurse someone at home, or someone needs to look after you. Make sure adequate protection is available.

N.B: Due to panic buying of some of these items like masks and gloves, for Corona Virus, they are selling extremely quickly, so much so that it is difficult to keep stocks up to date. If the item you ordered is no longer available, we will send a close alternative item.

Because there are very few suppliers who still have stocks, prices have jumped up to ridiculous prices. We only make a small profit on our cost price.

We battle to find replacements as they are also in short supply. The replacement product may not be 100% what it was. There might be slight differences.

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