Medical & Emergency

Injury and illness can hit you at any time and anywhere. It is not always possible to rush to a nearby emergency medical facility in a few minutes, so we need to take care of these things ourselves. Depending on where we are going and how many of us there are, we will definitely need to pack some kind of first aid kit into our backpacks.

Every household, vehicle and workplace should have a substantial first aid kit, but we need to add a few extra items to the regular kit to cover for any unseen situations out in the sticks.

The Survivalist provides outdoor enthusiasts with a range of first aid kits and accessories and emergency products to enable any person in the bush to survive.

Ideal for campers, caravaners, backpackers, hikers, riders, climbers, canoeists, trailblazers and any other outdoors adventurer and of course any person who finds himself (or herself) in a survival situation.

While a well stocked first aid kit is a really good idea to have with you, and prolonged stay in the bush may see more serious injuries. What if you are unable to get to a doctor or medical facility?