Survival DVDs

Literature to help plan your survival. You may not have experienced some disaster yet, but others have and have taken the trouble to write about their experiences and advise others on how to cope.

Whether a terrorist attack, urban warfare, anarchy or a natural disaster such as a tornado, earthquake, floods, or drought there are certain preparations you can take for such eventualities.

Learn how to prepare for any disaster and find out what these experts say you should pack ahead of time.

These products are both locally produced by leading South Africans in their fields as well as general advice from an international viewpoint.

Please note:

These are mostly all downloadable products. You will be sent the links to the relevant downloads. Some are actual books or DVDs. In this case the products will be shipped as per usual.

While we try to represent the products shown on this website, we may be out here or there. All descriptions and images used on this website are, as far as we know, representative of the relevant products. We do not mean to mislead or misrepresent these facts at all.

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