Undoubtedly one of the main items in any survival situation is bedding. Nobody can stay awake for ever. If you have planned a camping trip, you will probably need a sleeping bag or bivy and maybe a mattress, camp cot and pillow.

But what if you suddenly find yourself in the sticks and battling to survive?

Then you will need an emergency product such as a rescue blanket, or poncho. A hammock is also a very good and comfortable option.

Actually, of all “emergency” sleeping arrangements, we recommend a hammock. It is very comfortable, keeps you off the ground where wild animals can’t reach you and saves having to build a shelter.

The Survivalist provides outdoor enthusiasts with a range of sleeping products and some excellent choices of hammocks to enable any person in the bush to survive.

Ideal for campers, caravanners, backpackers, hikers, riders, climbers, canoeists, trailblazers and any other outdoors adventurer and of course any person who finds himself (or herself) in a survival situation.

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